Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Localwashing & Trendy Deceptions

With the surge in environmental awareness of the general public, companies have been dancing on a thin line of greenwashing. You might have seen some of these classics:

-BAE Systems promoting weapons as environmentally friendly.
-Shell advertising oil refineries emitting fresh flowers instead of pollutants.
-Shell attempting to sponsor wildlife photography exhibition.

Move over greenwashing, because that is old news! The new hot marketing deception trend is “localwashing". The last time I checked, a multinational corporation can’t just rebrand itself, and say it is local. Locavores are much smarter than you think, and understand what it means to support, buy, and choose local products. Here are classic deceptions.

Citgo: (Image Above) “Local. Loyal. Like it should be.” The new billboards from the petro company owned by Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan government. Hardly around the corner.

“Local” signs in a New York Whole Foods might point to brands that are local. The coffee being sold wasn’t grown or processed anywhere near Union Square. Again, the corporate strategy is to redefine the term "local" to mean not locally owned or locally produced, but just nearby. Nice try, but it’s not a good tactic!
Source: GRIST

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