Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Food Stamp

Fifty years ago, a bill was passed through Congress. It was a pilot program designed to offer low-income citizens the option to purchase discount coupons that could be exchanged for food. Thus was created the food stamp program under John F. Kennedy. Back then $95 (in stamps) helped to feed 15 people from West Virginia - all under one roof.

Fast forward to our times, we are still struggling in some areas to meet food demands and build up urban agriculture. Groups and volunteers are trying to get permits for community gardens within the Cleveland downtown areas, and as urban sprawl continues, the need for urban agriculture increases. We could go beyond community gardens and use our desolate school and building rooftops to grow food and teach students about gardening. Better yet, we can even apply for grants and energy funded loans from the State to assist with funding. We could even think outside the box when it comes to growing food such as the case with the Farm Truck, community support agriculture program in the back of a truck. My point is that in times of urban sprawl, economic recessions and concerns of pesticide overload on fruits and veges, there are unique solutions on the rise that can help us manage gardening efforts for flowers, food, and herbs. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Wikipedia, Fast Company and Treehugger News Images

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