Friday, September 4, 2009

Cleaning Up Our Carbon

Question: If the average American generates 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, then where do you find a hiding spot to put it?

A - Under the ocean floor (Geologic sequestration) - Hint: minor problem of ocean acidification

B - Within the caves where the carbon dioxide mixes with methane gas and is transformed into solid rock

C - Put scrubbers and filters on power plants (Post-Combustion carbon capture)

D - Get approval for cleaner power plants and oxidize the fuel in a gasifier before combustion (Pre-Combustion carbon capture)

E - Nothing, business as usual in destroying our biosphere

Correct answer:
The theory to mitigating fossil fuel emissions that contribute to global warming is through the notion of carbon capture and store (CCS). The techniques vary where we can scrub it, suck it, inject it or blast it to other locations. More details and answers will be shared by those attending the 3rd annual Carbon Capture and Sequestration Summit in Washington, D.C. (Sept 14th). Learn how CCS technologies will be commercialized.

Image source: Earth2Tech

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