Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Off the Grid

Ed Begley, Jr. is not totally “off the grid”…yet. He is now recycling 100% of the family’s household shower, bath and laundry water and reusing that water for irrigation and flushing toilets.

Ed's system, designed, manufactured and installed by Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC, operates automatically, requires simple weekly maintenance and produces water that exceeds quality standards established by the California Department of Health for levels of bacteria and clarity.

"The water is probably safer than 80% of the drinking water worldwide, states Begley. "It makes absolutely no sense to flush toilets with perfectly good drinking water. I'll be monitoring our water usage closely and I'm confident we'll be reducing our municipal water use by well over half! Best of all, Rachelle can now take her half-hour showers and my blood won't boil. The water she's using today will be irrigating our garden tomorrow!"

The GWRS system utilizes a five-stage filtration process, Ultra Violet disinfection and a unique re-circulation loop to insure absolute disinfection and water clarity. The state-of-the-art system that will provide years of trouble free performance and water savings.

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