Thursday, August 13, 2009

Turn Left at Pollution Cloud

Avoiding stinky areas may not be on your list when thinking of driving to work. But for city dwellers, in NYC, LA, Miami and Dallas, hope is just around the corner. More like your digital corner!

Sensaris offers portable sensors (yes, they can attach to your bike, bag or wrist strap) that upload data to a mobile device. The data shows a real-time pollution map and pinpoints the nasties in the air. A trial device began in Paris, since Sensaris is a French-based company, whereby the units measured ozone and noise levels.

Future units will be upgraded to measure more in-depth nasties in the air such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. The good news is that Berlin, Japan and San Francisco have already put in their orders. Another great Sustaino idea for our modern day economy.

Image Source: CaliforniaStars, Sensaris
Source: Fast Company 2009

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