Thursday, August 6, 2009

Punked Out Green

Being environmentally conscious is not just for treehuggers, granola heads, or those seeking eco-status. It’s about the triple bottom line (People, Planet and Profits). I’ve communicated numerous times about how “going green” and adopting sustainable practices is pure cash/gold for many businesses.

This is clear for the X Games that went to great lengths to green the competition this year. From skate courses constructed of recycled materials and solar-powered stages to Moto X fuel recycling and bike-powered energy stations, the green mindset was pervasive thanks to a partnership with Global Inheritance, a nonprofit organization "working to reinvent activism for today's youth."

This green strategic approach helped to bring in more sponsorships, helped to drive more traffic to the events and certainly made the athletes happy who practice outdoors for their competitive rush. Maybe we'll soon start to see edible gardens planted alongside skate parks?

Source: The Intelligence Group, 2009

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