Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Wastes - Part One

I noticed something odd the other day. All of our peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers from our local CSA program were missing something? LABELS. Which made me think, if I go to Heinen’s, Giant Eagle, or Whole Foods, the code for a banana is still the same! Is their purpose to really help the public? Or just help the high school kid find the code faster to punch into the register?

The system does have a method and it’s quite simple consisting of four or five numbers. For example fruits are divided into three classes: conventional, organic, and genetically modified. Alternatively, I wish the codes could help identify whether fruit is full of pesticides and grown with petroleum-based fertilizers, or even explain when it's genetically modified.

Nonetheless, I think it is one of the little known wastes that we put up with for now. Those tiny, wasteful labels end up in the landfills and take up my precious time to peel off – that is if I get off all the glue. Why do we need them?

Source: Natural News, 2008

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