Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farm Truck, Beep, Beep!

We need a "cool factor" nowadays to re- excite the gardening category, and Ian Cheney's farm truck is that cool factor. It appeared on the summer cover of Edible Brooklyn in Fort Greene NY, at the Edible Brooklyn's Good Beer Event, featuring largely local craft beers and somewhat eco-oriented food pairings from NYC restaurants.

The truck's owner, fellow documentary makers gather around outside the event, enjoying the beer inside the event, and answering questions about their truck. What is so special truck about this truck? Mini solar panels on top of the truck powers a camera that takes a photo of the vegetable garden every 5 minutes that is growing openly, freely and deliciously! Indeed, there are drainage holes, a water-absorbent mat, and Gaia soil made from recycled Styrofoam.

This CSA (community supported agriculture) truck is definitely a Sustaino hero for the month. For $20 you can eat whatever grows in the truck (from your section). You can see its evolution online on at Wicked Delicate Productions website. These guys--Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis--also made King Corn!

Source: Treehugger and Wicked Delicate

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