Monday, July 27, 2009

Weight of the Nation

Following a vegan diet, whether for fun or religious reasons, is not easy. I know first hand because since December 2008 I have managed to detoxify my body and learn a bit more about local farming practices by eating more veges and less meat. I wanted to be a true Sustaino (for educational reasons - not religious). I bought local. I chose organic foods. I participated in a local CSA program. Yet, I still hear the arguments that a vegetarian diet is not necessarily the most efficient in terms of land use, and I also read about additional evidence that a vegetarian diet, or one at least that radically reduces meat consumption, can have massive climate change mitigation benefits. So here is how I made my final decision on what to eat going forward...

I saw first hand last week what a true 15-year-old eats. My cousin's kid managed to eat Cocoa Puffs and brownies for breakfast, followed by pizza and side of fries and a large Coke for lunch and then BBQ ribs and chocolate cake for dinner. All salt and processed sugar! As a Sustaino, not something I'm proud of; nor can control since I don't raise or babysit this child. Yet we wonder why we have child obseity cases - only in the U.S. right? Each year the average American eats 16 lbs. of fries, 23 lbs. of pizza and 26 lbs. of candy (Source: USDA). Today, we recognize the "Weight of the Nation" as the CDC holds its inaugural conference dedicated to mitigating our obseity epidemic. I pray that grown-ups are eating their veges and being good role models.

Source: Fast Company, 2009


Narm said...

THANK YOU FOR THAT ARTICLE. My gf is a vegetarian is constantly bragging about her "carbon footprint" being so much smaller.

Sustaino - said...

Carbon footprint is an interesting yet complicated topic. If your girlfriend's vegan diet involves grapes from Chile and sweetness from the sugarcanes of Brazil...then I would suggest she opt for local.