Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Underwater Grid

If you haven’t heard of the Low Carbon Economic Area, then tune in because the U.K. government just invested £20 million in a project known as The Wave Hub Project. It got the thumbs up from the South West RDA (Regional Development Agency) to be a groundbreaking renewable energy project to create the UK's first offshore facility to operate wave energy arrays. In simple terms, kick ass buoys that harness energy from waves/ocean currents.

Imagine this as an underwater grid. Sure, there are cables, sea beds, sand dunes and aquatic life – all of which live in harmony. The area, 1km x 2km, will have a leasing option for developers to begin installation from 2010 and going forward. Some leases will run for five years, perhaps longer; however, the kicker is each developer can generate a maximum of 4-5MW of power.

Source: BBC News, 2009

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