Monday, July 20, 2009

Toxins, Hormones and Your Skin

Whether you buy sunscreen, lipstick, shampoo or even deodorant, I doubt you really know all the unusual ingredients that comprise those products. Those unusual chemicals, toxins, and nasties all have names we either can't pronounce or sounds like a French meal. (I love French food by the way).

Of course, it is proven that those chemicals are linked to cancer, skin disorders and hormone disruption in humans. Yet these problems all have answers that are available to help us evaluate what our lips, armpits and skin shall absorb. It's called the Cosmetic Database (a.k.a. SKIN DEEP). Skin Deep, a free, online database provided by the Environmental Working Group which documents toxins in our hair, skin, makeup, and personal care products.

Men can look up their favorite Old Spice or Gillette creams and determine its toxicity level. It works like Google and you can search any product, manufacturer, or brand name. All products have a rating scale from 1 to 10 that is very easy to understand. Each score has a color associated with it; Red = bad, Yellow = caution, and Green = good. Click here to see what your skin is now absorbing!

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