Monday, July 13, 2009

To Glean or Not to Glean

This weekend I watched the French documentary about food waste and production called “The Gleaners and I”. A great film directed by Agnès Varda. This film received many rewards before environmental films were popular about the trash and treasures within the French regions, where she captures the inside point of view on gleaning, the act of gathering remnants of crops from a field after the harvest. Even in some areas today, it is illegal to take scraps of food.

From wasted grapes, potatoes, tomatoes and art, she gets to the heart of the matter on true recycling and helping to be a Hunger Hero. Tons of food is taken to food shelters, offered to gypsies, or shared with animals. Perfectly good food...all going to waste. Agnès helps you to emotionally connect with the old school “Rosie the Riveter” style often depicted in the artwork from Breton Jules. His paintings from 1877 showed the pride, joy and hardwork of being a true gleaner, often female. (photo to the right).

An eye-opener, tear-jerker, and treasure of wonders that makes you think twice about throwing out 1-day old expired food or tables scraps.

See the 4-minute introduction on YouTube here.


~/_ |V|` said...

you got to recognize that this lifestyle is 1. commmon sense, 2. practical, 3. nonsensical, 4. for real. 5. do-able, 6. eco-sheik, 7. future cool. what is accepted by french law for 100 years only comes close to 1 month agos news in SanFranDisco with respect to curbside foodwaste collection. For the USA to regain its rightful place we must realize that we are 10 years and 100,000 miles behind the curve. Ja Rastafari.

Sustaino - said...

Well said! And I'm looking forward to future gleaning here in the U.S. Perfectly, good food simply going to waste.