Friday, July 3, 2009

Small Space Gardening

The 4th of July is tomorrow and that means it will be time to stuff our faces with lots of food. That’s right – delicious watermelon, fresh corn on the cob, coleslaw, and grilled vegetables! Notice how I left out the beef? My point is to acknowledge where some of you might be getting fresh, gardening goodies.

If it were a Sustaino like myself, I would say my backyard. But lately, I’ve been hearing, “the side of my house.” WHAT?

Now, I’ve heard of container gardening, community gardens, rooftop gardening, but never pockets of gardens hanging on the side of one’s house. How cool is that!!!

It’s part of the growing trend of using small spaces to your advantage, especially during times of urban sprawl, economic recessions and concerns of pesticide overload on fruit and veges. This unique and relevant gutter solution makes use of wall space that tenants or homeowners can manage to grow flowers, food, and herbs.

Image Source: Treehugger News July 2009


vinniekowalski said...

Even without a sweet sidewalk setup, rain barrels can be an easy way to collect H2O for your flower beds (sometimes the runoff from your roof is best not used for eating gardens) - and surprisingly easy to build! Two thumbs up from this guy...

AB said...

Oh, I love this idea! Our challenge is finding a spot in our backyard that gets enough sun....I never thought of using the side of the house. I've gotta try this:)