Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Secret is in the Holes

More press, gossip and news unfolds about Eco-font. What is so great about it? Who really cares? Can it be that efficient and earth-wise friendly?

The short is yes - pleasantly surprised once again.

The secret to the eco-friendly font, born from the Dutch firm, Spranq, is the holes. Yes, simple holes just like Swiss cheese (but again they are Dutch).

The co-owner, Alexander Kraaij, claims it uses less ink than other typefaces, thus saving money and resources. In fact, one example is a company with 5,000 workers could trim up to $125,000 a year alone in printing costs. The use of rounded holes – a fifth of a 10-point, Verdana-like, could be removed without hindering readability. Savings shrink at smaller sizes; holes are obvious at larger ones.

“Even if its use is limited,” says Alissa Levin of Manhattan’s Point Five Design, “it makes you think hard about ink, not just paper and printers.”

Source: National Geographic, August 2009

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