Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Than Meets the Box

The Transformer movies seem to come and go so quickly that in the mix you might have missed ideas that are transforming our packaging. I bring this to your attention since I recently saw Megan Fox on the big screen at the $4 Detroit Rd. Theater. While the toys, machines, and special effects transformed in a complicated fashion that makes you wonder where is the “off” switch, I began to notice more SIMPLE transformations.

Packaging often in the organic category for hygiene, skincare and food products, are in white boxes, with the basic transparent mini-window, allowing customers a small peek of what is inside the box. Some have biodegradable, peanuts. I like the ones you can lick and they melt! (Probably not best to ingest; don’t try at home with your parental units)

But what the heck do you do with the box? Throw it away. Reuse it. Recycle it.
Stuff it with Christmas gifts?

One, cool solution is Steve Haslip's HangerPak. It is designed for T-shirts that arrive to you in the mail. The box can be transformed into a hanger, made of recycled content, but even better that it can be reused.

Source: Treehugger May 2009

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