Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holy Moss

The alternative to grass nowadays is moss. Think about it! No fertilizers, seeds, mowing or watering. I learned this first hand when NPR highlighted a “moss guru”, David Benner, who is a horticulturist and moss enthusiast outside of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

He discussed the approach of killing grass by making the yard very acidic. The secret is shade! Of course, this approach is not for every yard; however, a reasonable, sustaino, earthy-friendly alternative if you don’t envision mowing every summer, every week for the rest of your living days.

Interestingly, moss can go weeks without water. It doesn’t require lots of maintenance compared to its counterparts (e.g. flowers, grass or water gardens). Since moss doesn’t have roots, it absorbs nutrients from it’s “body” allowing it grow virtually anyway such as rocks, flat areas and other nooks.

Check out the video for transplanting moss and transforming your yard.

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