Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Creatives and Business Minds

In June 2009, Fast Company recognized the “100 Most Creative People in Business”. All were brilliant, imaginative, challenged the norm, and are working to improve our world. These heroes are incredible and here is a look at my top favorites.#72 – Saul Griffith (Inventor/Entrepreneur): Now I really like kiteboarding, but this guy has managed to tie his hobbies to alternative energy. Makani Power (Hawaiian for wind or breeze) has gained some awareness from innovative kite turbines. These giants capture high altitude wind that is converted it into energy. His love of kiteboarding got the attention of Google to the tune of a $15 million investment.
#68 – Zaha Hadid (Architect): At 59, she won the Pritzker Prize for her global work (e.g. Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion, Austria’s Cable Railway, Spain’s Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion and China’s Guangzhou Opera House- see above). She is now wrapping up the tallest building in Marseille, France and then lifting up spirits for the Summer Olympics in London’s Aquatics Center (2012).

#76 – Piet Oudolf (Designer): As a garden designer of Future Plants, he has a keen point of view on living and dying plants. His integration of greens, browns, meadows, walkways, private landscapes and public parks has helped him to become the “Father of the Influential New Perennial Movement”. See the High Line project.

Source: Fast Company 2009

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