Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Events!

Last time I had an event or supported a big cause, I had a hard time spreading the word. People were arriving at different times, going to the wrong location and it frustrated me as an organized Sustaino. So, one cool tool available for us is GSTV. It's basically the Prius Neighborhood and Gas Station TV groups that have established a community-powered site allowing you to search for ALL kinds of events by zip code. It could be farm events, business events and even blood drives.

Anyone can submit, share and promote their community-focused events or causes on the Prius Neighborhood. The events will be posted on the website, on their Facebook and Twitter pages and considered for broadcast on the Prius Neighborhood show on Gas Station TV. Other people can then search, view and attend these events in their neighborhood.

So if you are having an event for your business, school, office or community...spread the word using this awesome tool!

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