Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dynamic Solar Panels

With most solar panels today, the efficiency is determined by the amount of sunlight, making “power” just a simple math formula. Power = Voltage x Current. Of course, the big debate is how to keep these solar suckers from overheating. Yet, a modified technology is now on the market with a new design from Greenfield Solar. This company manufactures non-conventional, dynamic panels that move with the sun to capture maximum sunlight and convert it into energy. And it’s in Cleveland, OH!

The secret is in the PhotoVolt™ cell designed by the founder and inventor, Bernard Sater, who is a retired NASA engineering guru. Photovoltaic (PV) technology unlike traditional PV, works on high voltage and low current. The high current causes the problems where the interconnect can’t handle the voltage and current. You can read more about the technology and specs here.
These units, about 20ft by 20ft, illustrates how GreenField’s StarGen™ concentrator can be lowered to the ground or even turned upside-down during assembly and maintenance. The innovative structure design allows for easy installation and servicing, eliminating the need for cranes or ladders. With innovation like this coming out of Cleveland, OH….it’s is exciting to learn what is happening in the upcoming months for geothermal, wind and future solar technologies.

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