Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water, Pipes and Tubes-Oh My!

While all the eco geeks and visionaries are talking about solar, wind and geothermal, there is still a big part of the conversation that folks clue into which is water. I’m not referring to clean, fresh, drinkable water. I’m talking about gray water and rainwater runoff. Gray water (aka sullage) is the wastewater generated from things such as dish washing, laundry and bathing. It actually comprises 50-80% of residential wastewater.

In recent years concerns over dwindling reserves of groundwater and overloaded or costly sewage treatment plants has generated much interest in the reuse or recycling of gray water, both domestically and for use in commercial irrigation. However, concerns over potential health and environmental risks means that many jurisdictions demand such intensive treatment systems for legal reuse of gray water that the commercial cost is higher than for fresh water. (Source: Wikipedia)

So the hero for today is GWRS (Gray Water Recycling System). Ed Begley, Jr. is one of their spokesperson! (Great, green advocate)

GWRS manufactures gray and rainwater recycling units for single and multi family homes, resorts, hotel and commercial use. Units capture water from shower, bath, laundry and downspout, then purify, disinfect and store that water to be reused for irrigation, toilet tanks and other recycled water uses.

A SystemI unit ($4,770) is the lowest priced system, which purifies shower and bath water only. It’s not intended for laundry water recycling. SystemII ($6,850) is the popular system that purifies shower, bath as well as laundry water. All the systems include the mounting brackets, bases, fittings, etc. Since I’m not a plumbing/water system expert, I would opt for the installation service. Reminds me of my Mario Brothers days!

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