Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vertical Farms

Treehugger recently reported out on the Top 10 Droolworthy EcoStructures, and I absolutely agree with their top #1 choice.

The Dragonfly is a 2,000 foot tall strcture that is Belgium-designed along with a 128-foot vertical farm that is so very eco-chic. It comprises two towers that incorporate wind and solar technology for harnessing energy, while it’s wing-like, exoskeleton, dragonfly structure supports the greenhouse and gardens. The exterior vegetation allows for rainwater filtration and recirculation.

It truly is a self-sufficient design that is progressive, innovative and a mind-blowing icon. Read more here about the inspiration for the design based on the agriculture challenges that are present for many urbanites.

Photo courtesy of: Vincent Callebaut Architectures and Treehugger

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