Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something Smells Fishy

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts how much I enjoy Sushi. It’s my part of my top three favorite meals along with Sake, Vodka and Margaritas. (Sure some consider alcohol a meal just like tall, non-fat Café Lattes). Yet, aside from alcohol, Yo-Cos (Young Cosmopotilians) and even Boomers are becoming more conscious about their seafood selection. This is primarily derived from the on-going fishing practices that are depleting the fish, shrimp, eel, and shark populations. The challenge is ultimately creating a balance between protecting fishermen's traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries.

More recently the Monetrey Bay Aquarium has put together a watch list of what types of Sushi and traditional fish should be avoided or at least “watched” in effort to raise awareness and save the oceans. There are pocket guides that help the average person make choices that support healthy and abundant oceans. Many are going as far as Action Cards, Thank you Cards, and Become Aware Cards.

For this day and age, our society seems to be more hyper about iPhone apps that are available to help us “make” decisions since our brains are already overloaded and we can’t make decisions for ourselves. I, for one, think it’s pretty damn cool. The app brings the latest Seafood Watch recommendations to your iPhone or iPod touch. It helps you make sustainable seafood choices quickly and easily. Believe me… at a time when the world’s oceans are severely overfished, your seafood choices make a big difference!

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