Thursday, June 18, 2009

No More Yellow Books!

Today we received our fantastic yellow pages books (of course in the bright orange plastic bag!) My blood pressure started to boil. So, what did I do? I ran after the volunteer in my flip flops who was walking house to house and said:

Sustaino: “Excuse me, can I ask you a question, sir?”

Volunteer: “What do you want?”

Sustaino: “I’d like to give this back to you. We use Google for our telephone searches.”

Volunteer: “Fine, whatever…”

Sustaino: “Do you know there is a group in Lakewood called Bin Fairies that picks up after you drop these off to recycle every single one of those phone books? Many people don’t want phone books anymore – it’s a waste of paper.”

Voluneer: “Is that so, eh? Well, then call the telephone number.”

Sustaino: “Thanks, I’m going to opt of everything you drop off at my house. Cheers!”

It’s bad enough that I get a LARGE telephone book to my house. Not one, but two! Two damn books, two bunches of paper and twice the waste. What does this say about our community and green practices?

Were you a hero today? Go Sustaino!

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Narm said...

But without a phone book how do you decide who to prank call?

Sustaino - said...

I believe that for this category it should be about "opt ins and opt outs". If I want the book that badly, then I should be able to only opt in/out. This would allow the Yellow Pages organization to save money on printing costs, distribution and supplies. I plan to call them today!


Ryan said...

they are such an awful waste. I think i have 4 of them sitting in my living room waiting to be recycled. i love that you tried to give it back though - sad he's just a grunt.