Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr. Rain Barrel Arrives

Christmas comes early! I finally got my rain barrel in place and it was just the right price – FREE! This barrel was basically an old soap container used at Progressive field. Management was either going to recycle it or throw it away. So I took the initiative to integrate it between my gutter and the vegetable garden behind the fence. Then, I picked up my diverter kit online from The Garden WaterSaver. Total investment so far is $25.00.

I think many people still don’t understand the benefits of rain barrels. For one, not all have of them have to be expensive. Some are aesthetically pleasing; yet can easily be portable or tucked behind a fence or stone barrier. The City loves it because during major storms less water rushes through the sewers reducing back-ups and overflows. Personally, I like it because I save water – simply that! Whether it is a lot of water or not, I don’t care. I just like giving nourishment to my vegetables, herbs, roses, and plants.

I also learned that the average roof sheds 160 gallons of rainwater per hour during a moderate rainfall. So I have a 50-gallon barrel – do the math!

Consume Less. Conserve More.

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