Monday, June 29, 2009

Green to Gold

The new term that folks are using is “green to gold”, and how environmental practices are helping to yield more green in corporate wallets while helping the planet and people. I guess everyone got burned out from saying the triple bottom line (profits, people and planet). Yet, let’s take a reality check at what has been happening recently and specifically in the past 6 months.

GreenBuzz reported out some great insight in how companies are being squeezed during this economic recession, and some have cleared their heads and finally started to touch the third rail of energy and resource use (or maybe I should say overuse!). Some of the focus has been directly on water conservation, energy efficiency, green buildings and eco-friendly materials. For Baxter, (healthcare) a majority of their green projects yielded nearly $12 million in environmental income and savings. Cisco also reported a savings of $277 million by allowing employees to telecommute.

What I especially like about this report is the focus on corporations, buildings and small businesses. Too often, it is the consumer that is blamed for the damage. The consumer should buy local, choose green, switch to green, and talk green. Well, whatever happened to Uncle Sam or Mr./Mrs. CEO making a difference? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for everyone making a difference and believe the paradigm shift occurred with the consumer requested and demanded for more eco, green products and initiatives to support their communities and local businesses. Yet, isn’t it about time that we look beyond our own, personal spaces (e.g. homes, cars, bathrooms, clothes, etc.) and start truly looking at our working spaces, environments and infrastructure!

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