Saturday, June 20, 2009

Das ist wunderbar

If you have never heard of the Phaeton or VW Transparent Factory, then this short video will open your eyes to a whole new world of car making. It answers why Americans buy foreign cars, it answers why innovation and design make such a difference and how customer service is still their bread and butter. I doubt that the American or Japanese auto industry will EVER be able to top this!! Whoever can get me a tour to this place, will be handsomely rewarded!


anonogal said...

The transparent factory is great...great concept, great ideas, great engineered cars. Theh problem is this...this is one factory, and mainly made for tours and visitors. Of course they are going to green it up and build slowly and "greenly." My husband has a know where it was made?...MEXICO.

Sustaino - said...

I understand your point of view and believe the slow, incremental steps is a best practice and a demonstration to how other facilities (e.g. non-automotive) can be designed. As for the Mexico factories, sure, because contracts and negotiations were already in place! The construction of cars is complex; however, with proper preparation and planning it becomes less complicated in the future. That's the idea thinking progressively for the future and not going backwards but forwards.


Sandy said...

I think that is super-cool. Green is good. Innovation in an otherwise relatively dull industry is good. And is supports the more-true-each-day notion that commerce and life is about experiences, not purchases and acquisition of stuff. Go VW. I want a bug.

andy said...

I guess the high cost of the car to cover the maple flooring and other trendy nuances is what lead to its demise in the US. Throw in its questionable reliability from numerous car reviewers, and I think I'll stick with the concrete-floored Japanese companies.