Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summertime Grillin'

As summer time approaches, most men get excited to fire up their grills for juicy burgers and brats. You know their nicknames….”King of the Coals” or the usual “Grillin’ Man”. Well, charcoal is notorious for its effects on the environment and human health, but for backyard grilling a new modern alternative has emerged.

Sologear's uGO FlameDisk is an eco-friendly grilling option that uses solid ethanol as its fuel source and lights instantaneously with the touch of a match, no lighter fluid required. You simply peel off the protective film, place the disk in the grill and light it. The aluminum disk is ready to cook on in less than a minute—saving roughly half an hour in time that would ordinarily be spent waiting for charcoal to heat up—and will continue to burn for at least 40 minutes.

What about the heat output? FlameDisk is similar to that of charcoal, but it creates no ash and it cools to the touch in just minutes. Best of all, the ethanol fuel produces 99 percent less carbon monoxide than charcoal does. If you are a die-hard fan of that charcoal-based flavor, you can buy a “Smoker Plate” available to recreate that taste.

With Father’s day coming up next, this makes a great gift at $4.99 online via the Home Shopping Network.

Source: SpringWise Trendwatching


Narm said...

The taste would be the real test if this takes off. Have you tried it personally? Love to know how it compares to charcoal or even propane.

Sustaino - said...

Personally, I haven't tried this gadget nor the taste...yet. I would be curious to know how different the flavor would be given the use of a different fuel source. One way to found out, right?

Millennial 4 Earth said...

this is awesome - would be great for tailgates too :)