Friday, May 15, 2009

Ride your Bike to Work Day

Seems like everyone nowadays is talking about carbon footprints and reducing emissions. Well, this week is "Ride your Bike to Work Day". New Hampshire has a national bike/walk to work day. The Bike Coalition celebrated on May 14th for "Bike to Work." In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than biking to work, in Bozeman Montana, with your dog, in 30 degree weather. How about that for reducing footprints? Hell...just bike to work everyday!
Source: Patagonia, Pascal Beauvais


Anonymous said...

It's Cleveland Bicycle Week and today is officially Bike to Work Day. Even if you missed it, you can still join us for the E. 4th celebration tonight.

Bike to the Movies tonight or tomorrow, too, or take a Civil War / Abolition Bike Tour.

Check out the full Bike Week calendar for more.

Sustaino - said...

In fact, Friday is officially designated as Bike to Work Day. The intent of my post was to explain that this whole week is not such about Cleveland, but many biking mecca places such San Fran, LA, Portland and are reducing their footprints. I don't really care if its the week or the day or the month...we just simply need to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.