Friday, May 1, 2009

Package This Up

What’s in this box?

A. A new Victoria Secret outfit
B. A sweatshirt and sweatpants
C. Several pairs of girlie outfits
D. 2 credit card sized gift cards

I bet you already knew the answer was “D”.

Talk about environmentally irresponsible packaging. My friend’s daughter received this as a gift, but wasn’t prepared for the shock. When they saw that there was no gift inside, they wondered why couldn’t the friend have just an email or envelope to accomplish the same thing.

Consume Less. Conserve More.

Image Source: Flickr Butler Collection


Jeff said...

I was with you until the "Think young grasshopper" line which implies that the daughter should have done something different. She had no control over what was sent to her. This is 100% about Victoria's Secret practicing irresponsible packaging for the sake of their brand. They are no "young grasshopper!"

Sustaino - said...

Yes,young grasshopper was meant for Victoria Secret to have more wisdom. They are not thinking about their packaging, which is sad.

Often their cute, girlie managers continue to package and then repackage items in big bags with lots of pink tissue paper. So not worth it...