Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fiat eco:drive

No more Fix It Again Tony…Fiat has introduced eco:Drive, a free, easy-to-use tech package which monitors and gathers data while driving. It’s not big brother, it just an alert system that helps to educate you about your driving behavior – like a concierge or personal assistant.

With the eco:Drive system, currently available on a number of new Fiat models, you are able to track acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and overall speed. The data are loaded onto a USB flash drive which the driver plugs into the car. Post-drive, the user can plug it into a computer where the USB's eco:Index analyzes and charts the data to show drivers how to adjust their driving to improve fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and save money.

Drivers also have the opportunity to upload data to the eco:Village online community to compare with other drivers. Oh yeah baby! The launch of the monitoring system in the U.S. is still in the works…

Source: TrendCentral and Fiat Eco-Drive

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