Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ULTra PRT - Pod People of England

ULTra stands for Urban Light Transit.

It’s a new revolution in personal transport for a sustainable future. With 12 years in development, it is designed to answer our traffic congestion problems, pollution, infrastructure gaps, and possibly help you avoid being late for your next 8am meeting.

For my geek friends, ULTra is electrically powered, creating zero emissions at the point of use, with significantly reduced energy usage overall. The average system energy usage is 0.55 MJ per passenger km. See more specs here.

Better yet just watch the video of future production at Heathrow Airport!


exmediasres said...

This version of public transportation has the potential to work well in environments where high population densities make this affordable. Planned communities which integrate distributed power/cogeneration plants, centralized light commercial, schools, etc. would be ideal customers. Cleveland cannot even get the Rapid into the far suburbs (Westlake, Mentor, Strongsville, etc)!

Sustaino - said...

Very good point! The expansion of the Cleveland RTA is expensive, political and noninnovative. A true overhaul is needed in many directions. In many cities that don't have an infrastructure in place (e.g. airports), this idea and application makes sense from multiple dimensions.

At least it's not a small as the pods in the movie "Minority Repor". I would love test