Monday, April 20, 2009

Burn calories. Not Oil.

Lately, we have been living in a bartering world. I’ll trade you 3 gallons of gas for 5 carpool days. And 5 carbon credits for $50. What about some of the basic everyday needs…say transportation?

Bixi is a high-tech public bike system in Montreal (even more sophisticated than Paris’ Velib service) that will be launched in the Spring. These aren’t your ordinary, check in and check out bikes. They are all equipped with RFID tags that allow users to track availability online via real-time information beamed like Star-Trek to the web from the system's solar-powered bike stands. Yes, I did say solar!

Smart. Convenient. Available 24/7. Three seasons of the year. And helps you burn calories, not oil. You can choose from 300 stations with 3,000 bikes.

Their positioning is simple: Take It. Ride It. Return It.

Users will pay a membership fee of $78 (CDN) for one year or $24 for one month or $5 for one day, with the first half hour of every trip provided free of charge.



Cancer said...

Let's start this program in Lakewood! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

this would work well in LAKEWOOD, with all the people that walk and bike in our city.

Allison M. said...

I just bought a cheap bike to ride to my friend's house versus driving over there. It's only 3 miles away and isn't a bad workout either.

Sustaino - said...

I've received different perspectives on this idea already. Many were concerned about truly making a profit and having basic advertising bringing in most of the funds. Wonder what Cleveland Bikes, City Wheels, NOACA, Walk + Roll, Ohio City Bicycle
Co-op think?