Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Green Pool Hot Line

If you call the automated hot line in Maricopa County, Arizona you get the follow options: Press 1 for Green Pools. Press 2 for Bagful of Fish. Press 9 to repeat this menu.

Wait a minute…green pools?

The “green” refers to the algae that are building up in residential areas due to foreclosure properties. The financial and economic crisis in the U.S. has gone to the deep waters. Say goodbye to your tiki torches and whicker patio chairs, because these pools have been frightening breeding grounds for mosquitoes that carry diseases such as West Nile Virus.

So what are your options as a home seller or buyer? Don’t call the CDC!

One: you can buy a bag full of chemicals that will take out those mosquito soldiers in two weeks (if you work at it everyday). Then to properly adjust the PH level and algae level of the pool you need more chemicals. Yeah…who wants to swim in a pool of muriatic acid, chlorine, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium?

Two: you can buy a bag full of fish called mosquito fish (a native to guppies). In open water, big fish eat these little guys. Yet in closed water systems, these little ones become the predators and have a nice “Cinco de Mayo “party on those mosquitoes. One single fish can devour hundreds of larvae in a day.

Then those fish multiple like rabbits. Next steps are to invest in nets worthy of good scooping!
Source: National Geographic, March 2009.

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