Friday, March 6, 2009

Green Mac Minis

I’ve found new love….my Mac Mini. I circled yes and signed my name as fast as I could. Here is how I describe her/him:

Height: 2-inch-tall, 6.5-inch square
Eyes: White
Hair: Silver
Age: For age 5+
Employer: Apple
Interests: Hosting, entertaining, making movies, and saving the environment

Popular Story: I came out of the box with a fresh new look. I found my partner at Crocker Park, and was the first unit purchased by Sustaino. I have no more disappointment with my PCs friends, no drama, and no more desperation.

Environmental Story: You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how I didn’t hurt the environment with far less packaging garbage and shrink wrap. I have no packaging peanuts, only small cardboard boxes and limited plastic. I even come in a strap bag that is reuseable for grocery shopping and other miscellaneous buying. Plus when it’s idle, Mac mini uses less than 13 watts — that’s 45 percent less energy than ever before. Click here for the environmental status report.

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