Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ethical Merchandising

You know those secret shoppers….people who pretend to be shoppers but they are really from corporate checking to make sure you know your stuff. Well, I proposed that we all become secret shoppers and think how Americans actually consume, buy and share products.

In our minds, we think Super Size.
Small. Extra Large. Two for One. Half off.

What if there was a paradigm shift in the way we shop? What if companies asked us our preferences and ethics when it comes to production versus color and size? The next time I make a purchase, I would like to see my selection based on: Union Made. Made in the USA. Fair Trade. Eco-Friendly.
These would be the new criteria for putting products on the shelf and ensuring future profits for companies. Is it really that hard to imagine? Target, Wal-Mart, and Giant Eagle would be offering a whole new customer experience that is targeting young and old generations, and light green and dark green consumers.

Well, move over because one company already has their act together. Ethix Merch is known for custom-printed merchandise, made with respect for people and the planet. From bags to bumper stickers, jackets, hats and sporting goods, they don’t label based on S, M, L, XL. Their purpose is to educate consumers and support activism that is making a difference in our shopping patterns and our environment. You can search for orders that support employers that recognize the rights of workers, manufacture locally, and are sensitive to carbon footprints.

So the next time you order your Earth Hour t-shirt for March 28th, consider Ethix Merch and who really makes a difference and is not just another producer of toxic garments.
Image Source: LittleOverCoat

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