Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bonjour Farmer

he tails of fat cattle sway happily. Organized hay stacks fill up the barn and the green tractor is warming up in the early morning sky. This is the return of a booming farming business, but where? Good ole' France. Generations of prestige farming families are passing down to their children exceptional cattle, goats, horses, and chickens. Certainly, animals are assets; however, more importantly rich soil based land is attracting a new breed of farmers - NEO-Ruralites.

This is the new group of young Gen Yers, living in France and working in cities that fantasize. They dream with their entrepreneurial spirits about reducing their carbon footprint, contributing to the community, living off the fertile land and of course making a profit.

Do you see the dilemma building up here? Existing farmers have just received a major wake up call that these energetic, NEO-Ruralites mean business. Farmers chuckle and wonder if they actually know how to operate farming equipment and can apply the basic farming techniques. It is the battle between book-smart vs. street (ah-farming) smart.

Of course, having a little fresh chevre with a red bordeaux wine isn't so bad, right? But who is milking the goats?

Consume Less. Conserve More.

Source: NPR Cleveland News, March 2009

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