Sunday, March 22, 2009

All in for Green Stimulus

I love poker. It’s like crack, morning coffee, a risky game that keeps you alert. I actually enjoy Texas Hold’em to be more specific for you dirty minds. You get chips, cards, and seat at a table to battle it out (with or without sunglasses) for green cash. Sure it’s a risk, but who doesn’t like a little fun. What if you were the federal government playing poker? Do you double down to play with the AIG boys? Do you fold when it comes to GM potentially going bankrupt?

Neither. You stick to your guns and realize that long term investment in ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). It’s your pocket rockets (a pair of Aces) that are packed with incentives for all the major industries to make more money, create more jobs and clean up of our filthy environment. But how exactly is it structured? Some examples are:

$11 billion for “smart grid” investments
$6.5 billion in renewable energy loan guarantees
$3.1 billion for state energy programs
$3.4 for carbon capture and sequestration programs (potentially “clean coal”)
$2 billion for research towards batteries for electric cars
$500 million to help train workers for “green jobs”

Green cash + green projects = happy Earth. There is no bluff to call, just go all in with your chips and see the beauty of going green. Consume Less. Conserve More.

Source: Environmental Manager’s Compliance Advisor, March 2009


Ron Robins said...

I've been watching green investing take shape for about forty years. Global consciousness on this subject has changed radically in the past few years and is now more accepting than at any time previously. It's clear that if we want an Earth to support our future generations, we have to begin to take care of it now!

Incidentally, for anyone interested in green and socially responsible investing, I have one of the most popular global sites on the web on the subject. It also covers the latest related news and research too. It's at

Best wishes, Ron Robins

Sustaino - said...

Glad to see that green investing is maturing and more individuals are researching cap and trade efforts. To simply be conscious of this subject is a step in the right direction.