Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Toss This Out

Saving money during a down economy…now there’s an idea! How about looking at various ways to save the environment and your wallet? Do you really need to have 7 cups of Starbucks per week? You can treat yourself to one cup and bring the other cup of java from home. Better yet, bring your own mug while you are at it. Of course, there are many other examples, but let’s get to the bigger issues – like FOOD. A report from the Harvard Business review indicated that our British neighbors can save the most amount of money, billions actually, just by bringing lunches to work every day. Here’s the rundown: One third of British workers bring a homemade lunch to work every day. The rest spend an estimated £5.5 billion each year buying lunch. Meanwhile, Britons throw away about a third of the food they buy.

What is getting tossed out?

-Bread (
£821 Million)
-Apples (
£298 Million)
-Cheese (
£243 Million)
-Yogurt (
£169 Million)
-Sliced meat (
£94 Million)
-Fresh lettuce (
£28 Million)
SOURCE: Waste and Resources Action Program

The research also highlights that over 80% of British workers have access to a microwave and 86% to a fridge at the office, yet only one in five eat leftovers for lunch. Why? The primary reason they wish they had more ideas about how to use up their leftovers!

Well, compliments of Love Food Hate Waste, this organization has featured “Free Lunching” in the lead up to Christmas with hassle free ideas on making up great packed lunches from everyday items already in the fridge.

The website also includes helpful advice on using leftovers and information on how to store foods safely.
The top four ‘free lunching’ benefits: -Save money (money not spent on lunch – on average £3.33 - can go straight to Christmas presents) -Cut waste (use up food you might not have eaten, and bring in your own reusable packaging) -Having exactly, and only, what you want (make sure you have just the right amount) -Knowing exactly what is in your food (because you made it!)
Image Source: JBloom Flickr

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