Friday, February 27, 2009

Lift Up Your City

You either have it.
Or you don't.
You either need it.
Or you plan to offer it.

But where does it come from?
Do you say "no" or take what you can?

Today's economic climate is stinky, and that's an under statement! So why not do things that actually
really matter for once? That question was recently on the table of ECO-Lakewood, a volunteer committee for the city of Lakewood, OH that works with city officials to implement green initiatives.

Sure we are debating mandatory recycling, having a local farmers market, implementing vending machines with organic food and more. However, because the morale of everyone is so negative, so stinky, so non-creative, so dissatisfying...we had an idea.

The notion to Lift Up Lakewood.

A campaign designed where businesses of Lakewood would give something back to the residents of the city. That's right. The technical term is reverse psychology.
With the way things are right now, the idea is to "lift up" the energy level, the morale, the basic essence of hope in the city.

Some of the thought starters included:

-Free RTA pass for the day
-Free Farmer's Market
for the summer
-Free seeds (flowers or vegetables) for planting

-Free school lunch for students for one day

Before we call the Mayor's office, what are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think is is time to pick up the mood of the city, and let the people of LAKEWOOD know that we care about our city and the people who live in it.

Sustaino - said...

What strategies do you recommend?