Sunday, February 1, 2009

If it fits, Install it!

A clever innovation (Work Bench Magazine 2008) designed to conserve water, reduce diseases, and knock the socks off your dinner guests. For starts, of course, the water is clean. It is no different than the water from your faucet. The water drains to the toilet bowl, not into the tank. So, the sink is considered “grey water”, or used water. In this way, the toilet bowl is refilled with grey water instead of clean water, which is considered recycling.

It may not seem like a whole lot of savings, but it is considerable to Mother Earth once you count up all the flushes from residential and commercial facilities. Yes that includes hospitals, schools, ball parks, neighbors homes, work, etc.

So what is the catch? The benefits are quite simple.

One you are maximizing your water use. When you eliminate the need for additional water, you are conserving and making it easier on your wallet.

Secondly, research shows there is increased hand-washing activity. The convenient location of the sink encourages individuals to use fresh water.

Lastly, it helps to reduce the transmission of diseases. Do you actually like touching the facet handles in public places? I rest my chase.

Source: Sink Positive

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