Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is your Water Footprint?

The buzz word for some time now has been "carbon footprints". Companies are measuring in terms of energy usage, hours of commute, flying time, etc. However, what about water footprints? Have you stopped to think about how much water you use everyday?


Shower. Toilet. Brushing. Laundry. Dishes. - Those are just the basics.
What about....washing your car? washing the dog? watering your garden?

Historically water conservation has been an uphill battle due to the artificially low price of water. With a surging population, global warming and waste, many believe we are approaching “peak water“. We have a finite supply of usable fresh water. Of the earths water only 3% is fresh water and only 1% of that water is drinkable.

Water is most certainly different than oil in the respect that we can not live without it. Sure, oil has alternatives, yet there is no alternative for water. So we must implement conservation efforts in every aspect of daily life and business. Many businesses recognize that water is a commodity and are implementing drastic conservation efforts to reduce need and in turn costs. As individuals we can reduce water usage by 50% by doing simple things like low-flow faucets, dual flush toilets, repairing leaky toilets and installing/replacing aerators on sinks.

Calculate your water footprint here:
One Minute Water Calculator


Anonymous said...

Great Topic. I will pinch it and link back
I encourage my readers to go for rain gardens, rain collectors even use designer planters to collect if style is an issue

anne from

Sustaino - said...

Cisterns are the best way to go! Ideal for gardens (vegetable and flower-based).

Also, great website. I like your "upholster chair with grass sod"! Very interesting green concept.