Friday, January 30, 2009

Rent a Green Box

We know that when it comes to moving, we have options - green ones. Boxes and packing materials certainly create an absurd amount of waste, and sadly, there just aren't many other packing alternatives. Providing a solution to this eco-problem is Rent-a-Green Box, a new moving company with an arsenal of green products and services such as:

Recopac (recycled ecological packing solution) boxes made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics, available in three sizes.

Geami, a 100% recycled cardboard sludge bubble wrap alternative to roll your valuables in.

Recocubes, the 100% recycled newspaper sludge "peanut".

And my favorite....Reco-zips (to seal the Recopacs), made from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps.

You can order your materials, and Rent-a-Green Box comes to your residence in a biodiesel-fueled truck to drop the goods off,(how cool, eh?!) and picks them up at your new digs when you're done unpacking. Now that's sustaino!

Source: The Intelligent Group, 2009

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islandveggie said...

I always get moving boxes off of "freecycle" or bins outside of stores. (I move quite a bit as I am a student)
After I am done with them I re-freecycle or recycle if they are falling apart.