Monday, January 5, 2009

Green Ice Tires

Continuing with the January sports theme, how about pimping out your ride in a safe, smart and green way? A DIY approach is called for that simply costs $5 while for commercial tires cost around $60. Yes, that is quite reasonable for you bike messenger folks!

Here is the deal. The basic idea is that you add studs to your bike tires, much like putting chains around the tires of a car or truck, to help your wheels maintain their grip in ice and light snow. This reduces skidding and slipping in order to pedal without mishap...all while reducing your carbon footprint.

DIY Ice Tires for Narrow Tires
- Here is a
tutorial on Instructables for making your own pop rivet ice tires is designed for narrow wheels, like those found on a sleek hybrid cycle. Check out the step by step photos for this project, and the lively comments from experienced readers who definitely know their drill bit from their soldering iron.

Source: Planet Green, Images John Kelly

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