Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can a snowboard be green?

I'm back my fellow readers from a long break. The holidays are over and it's a new year filled with resolutions and good times, right? How about going back to the basics of reduce, reuse and recycle? That's exactly what we need to do given the chaos we have managed to stir up again for our environment. Over 4.4 million tons of holiday gift wrap, shopping bags, and holiday catalogs are sent straight to the landfills each year.

So looking forward, I'm going to dedicate the month of January to SPORTS and the outdoors. There are specific "green" toys that we can now enjoy that help the environment and help you get your game on.

For starters, can a snowboard be green?

I have a Burton Board. It rocks! However, you have to drive or fly the mountains. Two, you take a lift up that is supplied electric power. Three you board down artificially made snow. Then you repeat (questionable).

Yet we as engineers and those that appreciate the outdoors have become open and receptive to new technology and standards. The new Burton, known as Eco Nico, has a Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood core, a lacquer-free top sheet, 90-percent recycled steel edges, 100-percent recycled sidewalls and a 50-percent recycled base.

The Eco Nico is the greenest of the green, the most sustainable board that has ever made.
And that my friends is a good start to a new year. Every little bit helps!

Source: Picture: Treehugger and Domingo Gomez


Allison M. said...

I knew xmas wrapping was overrated! I'm really bad at it anyway. Next year, I won't wrap to conserve the environment and my poor wrapping skills.

Sustaino - said...

You can always use the Comic Strip section of the newspaper. A good way to reuse and still be creative.


Brigett said...

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Brigett McLemore
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