Saturday, November 8, 2008

Plastic Cash

Funny how the economy continues to thin out jobs for hard, working individuals that pay taxes and actually spend money towards sustainable items. Which brings me to the idea of giving to others? Why is it that some people give and often give more while others continue to consume without any regard? How do we change this disgusting habit? Surprisingly this isn't a new concept. We have been trying to change our ways for sometime, yet often fail and resort back to our neanderthal ways.

Well, kudos to one Cleveland-based company named Earthworks System. They just aren't any old company buying and selling resins, exporting scrap and developing recycling programs. They are special because they too are part of the continuous "giving cycle."

With the holidays approaching, millions of the plastic cards are heading for the hands of joyous consumers. The sad part is those ignorant fools are sending those cards to the landfills once they get their kicks of buying more consumer based goods. This thought actually inspired a Cleveland-Solon man to develop a new recycling method used today at Earthworks System.

The principle is simple.

They collect polyvinyl chloride scrap left over from the card manufacturing process, discontinued stock, canceled jobs, and spent cards. Card manufacturers and distributors donate most of the PVC, with retailers and individuals supply the rest. Earthworks then ships the plastic to a manufacturer where it's shredded and pressed into plastic sheets, ready to be made into new cards. With only being founded in 2005, the company has recycled nearly 4 million pounds of plastic.
And funny how simple things can go viral, too.. An employee at an Ace Hardware in Sacramento, CA, learned about Earthworks online and mailed an envelope stuffed with a couple hundred spent gift cards. What's next on your list to recycle?

Source: Plain Dealer News


Steve said...

Teraco, a leading manufacturer in plastic card, with it EnviroCard Program is also making strides in card reclamation projects and keeping cards out of landfills.


Sustaino - said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Keep them coming!


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