Monday, November 10, 2008

More Energy Tax Credits - Yahoo!

A little extra dough in anyone's wallet surely won't be turned down, right? Well, if you are a home owner, keep in mind that energy tax credits have been extended into 2009. The original IRS tax credit for existing homes expired at the end of 2007 - kinda a bummer for those folks installing energy efficient appliances and on-demand water heaters.

But now with the newly enacted legislation, home owners can get more GREEN back in their pockets. The credit extends to energy efficient windows, doors, roofing and insulation as well as furances, air conditioners and heat pumps. Of course, the IRS will need records and proof including product information and a certification statements from the manufacturer indicating how the product qualifies for the tax credit.

As a back-up, home owners can use the Energy Star certifaction ( of the product, if available.
Source: Chronicle Telegram, Nov. 2008

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