Friday, November 21, 2008

Electric Rides

Ever heard of Vectrix? If not, tune in to the sexy, 100 percent electric, eco-smart scooter.

I know the word scooter doesn’t sound that sexy, macho or masculine; however, their breakthrough in performance and affordability is worth noting.

Unlikely the traditional putt-putt scooters, which max out at 30 mph,
Vectrix has a speedy advantage. The V1 model ($8750) goes from 0 to 50mph in 6.8 seconds and can travel up to 65 miles between charges. What’s even better is this little electric scooter is the only legal scooter allowed on the freeway in the U.S. and Europe.

While only 1,000 units of V1s have sold so far, this start-up company outside of Providence, R.I. is getting more attention. The V1’s acceleration is nearly as fast as an entry level Suzuki or Yamaha. Even celebrities such as
Leo DiCaprio, Jay Leno and Jeremy Piven have purchased their eco-smart rides.

The new angle that will soon emerge for the scooter industry will be tax credits and access to carpool lanes. Until then, perhaps only early adopters and super congested cities will explore these alternative rides.

Source: Time Magazine

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