Monday, October 27, 2008

Where do pumpkins go?

A friend and I were discussing the benefits of eating locally grown food. You know the usual perks of less toxins, supporting the community, reducing your carbon footprint, not having to pay an arm and a leg for groceries at big retailers. And we started to share stories about food, especially in rural areas, including co-ops, and began to wonder where does all the extra food go? Even non-profits have policies that don't allow them to accept food from farmers due to liability... can you believe it?! I'm mean people are hungry nowadays, especially between the downtown streets of Cleveland to the rural farms of BFE. And as the Halloween season kicks off, what does Wal-Mart do with all their extra pumpkins? I mean, come's food damn it! Is it going to waste? I don't see people lining up to add extra waste to their compost bins. What do you think? Where does it all go? Up to the Arctic with polar bears?


Narm said...

What do you city kids do with all the leftovers? I am from BFE and everything goes somewhere - fertilizers, compost, animals - everything gets used sooner or later. I always wonder what happens to all those veggies and fruits leftover at the West Side Market everyday.

Sustaino - said...

Great question! I think that's part of the problem...many people don't know and it goes to waste. What part of BFE are you from?