Sunday, October 12, 2008

Picnic at the End of the Universe and Still Green!

When is the last time you had a picnic? Think...

Going to McDonald's or Chiptole doesn't count and if you lived in France today, you would think twice about your picnic supplies. Why?

The environmental minister of France, Jean-Louis Borloo, announced a "picnic tax" on throw-away plates, cups and cutlery, as part of a drive to slash pollution and energy consumption. It pertains to items made of non-recyclable plastic or paper, and would represent about 90 eurocents per kilogram. Doesn't sound like a lot compared to a $700 billion ballout, eh?

But all of this adds up...and the minister has a strategic plan. The measure is the latest in a series of initiatives by France to lower its bill for imported energy and its emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). The country is trying to encourage energy efficiency in the home (and outside of the home) through a bonus system especially for cars in which taxes are increased or lowered according to the vehicle's carbon pollution. The system is soon to be extended to televisions, light bulbs and other household gadgets.

Wouldn't you like for Uncle Sam to reward you for good, green behavior? They already do. Click here.
Image Source: Eric Hart Photography
Source: Wired Magazine and France 24 News, 2008

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