Friday, October 3, 2008

Greenhousing Nirvana

Not everyone gets to experience living in a green neighborhood everyday. It is a unique and special experience, which comes with an expensive price tag. Unless your home has been devasted by a hurricane, or you are a millionaire that can afford a newly constructed, eco-friendly paradise…it makes it hard for the average American to live in a non-toxic, hypoallergic, low embodied energy, post-recycled hut.

But who says we can’t dream, right? Here are some acknowledgements to architects from Living Homes and Dwell that have been hard at work.

Most of these stylish homes average between $175/sf - 250/sf (includes all fees, site work, and finishes) Most of the “green” features will help homeowners save roughly $1,500 per year on utility bills, but that ROI calculation won’t make up the difference anytime soon. And that’s not the point! Many homeowners are motivated by other means such as tax credits from their state/county and better yet simply enjoy living in a home that creates less damage on the environment.

Again not all green, eco-friendly homes have to be a West coast dream house costing at least one million dollars…look to the Micro Compact Home for answers. Featured in
Wired – my favorite magazine (April, 2007), this cube price was only $96,000 including delivery from Europe. It includes the basic bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with a few amenities such as a fire alarm and drawers.

The downside: Working in a cubicle all day could make it hard to go home to one.

The upside: Makes you appreciate the environment even more!

Source: Dwell, Wired

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